Outlook To Johntext 2014

Time goes by. Look back to 2013 in sorrow? No. Johntext changes slowly but steadily. We are looking forward to a challenging and wonderful New Year 2014!

The recent changes on the website show: Johntext is developing. There is a webshop now on www.johntext.co.uk for articles, digital art or even books. There is the option to buy them, receive a password and load them down as e-book. For the beginning of January the e-book “Gerda und Rudi auf Höhenflug” – the adventurous journeys of two little raindrops – is announced. Carsten Mell, a phantastic graphic designer, illustrated it.

The wordpress country websites (except arab and hebrew language) have a new look. It is possible to share photos in slideshows with the readers. There are so many buttons now of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google and so on.

Actually we optimize the compatibility to search engines and will reach a better google page ranking. The number of visitors and subscribers will increase.

Hopefully 2014 will become a Happy, Successful And Healthy Year To You !

Author: Johntext World

Johntext builds a worldwide community of authors. Johntext World shows top posts of all Johntext Authors. Johntext is a trademark in 27 countries.

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