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New Authors Project


You are a reader or an author. You know that words have influence and power.

Strong feelings and emotions like love and hate and compassion are regulated by words . We plan our lives by using words and sentences. We influence the life of our families and friends with words.

Everyone uses words and sentences – for good or for evil purposes. History is full of examples of both: From Hitler, Stalin to Ghandi, Confucius and Jesus what would have become to our world without speech and its tools?

We would have met our partner? We would be able to travel around the world? We would find out why our child is ill and which medicine it needs? We would be able to ask for food in the slums of Calcutta or Rio?


Those who use words professionally every day – be it as leader of a country, ceo of a company, professor, author of a book, journalist or blogger – feel responsibility to use their trained skills for the best of our community.

On Johntext Switzerland started a project called “Give A Helping Hand”.

The purpose is to write texts (not more than 30 pages each) about general issues almost every human being has to face once or several times in life. So far we started with:

How to love

How to solve problems

How to reach goals

How to deal with money

The texts should be simple. So they can be read and used by everyone and especially by those who are not book readers.

The purpose is not to find a publishing house for these texts. It does not help the readers if they find out a book is no longer available on the market because a publishing house decided to stop the print. Oftentimes the book market is ruled by new versus quality.

The purpose is not to collect donations for the project. Requests of companies or any persons who want to support the project by buying space for advertisements on some of these websites are welcome.

The project is open to any Johntext author. You have already published one or several books and you want to join the Johntext author community? Please send your application to .

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