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3 MIXED UP MEN” is a lighthearted look at how men bond and how men think, their take on love, and how they behave and misbehave. Raghu, Govind and Dinesh are close friends. The three have been thick buddies from their college days. Raghu and Govind have been best friends since school, their friendship going back twenty years. Now in their early thirties, Raghu and Govind together own and operate an internet advertising agency. Dinesh is a rapidly rising star in an international accounting firm and the only one of the trio who is married and a father. When his best friend Govind announces he’s getting married, Raghu is genuinely shocked. How can Govind have fallen for the manipulative Anamika – someone whose favorite book is surely ‘cheque’? Raghu is convinced Anamika is marrying his closest friend only for his money, and that love had nothing to do with her attraction for him. The trouble is, nobody else, not even Dinesh, agrees. Raghu takes it upon himself to break up the engagement. But he has only six weeks in which to expose Anamika, and runs a great risk of losing Govind’s friendship in the process. In the meantime, the happily married Dinesh attends an office conference in Thailand – and even more happily succumbs to the many sexual temptations on offer in Bangkok and elsewhere, after business hours. The backlash threatens his marriage, his family life, his career and his peace of mind. Will his friends Raghu and Govind be able to extricate him from his self-created mess of titanic proportions? Back home in Gurgaon, Raghu’s subtle – and not so subtle – attempts to derail Govind’s wedding plans will have hilarious and unintended consequences. But amidst the comedy of errors, confusion and carnage which ensues in the run-up to the big day, the ‘single-till-I-die’ Casanova Raghu himself meets a girl called Nisha, who will change his notions of love – in fact his entire life – in ways he could never have expected.
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