Johntext Trademark

I take a coke and a pommes in a pub and go through the external storage of my notebook. Just noticed the trademark document of . It is a trademark in 27 european countries.

There is the possibiltiy to have a text trademark or a picture trademark. Johntext is both. Why?

Well I wanted to protect the name “Johntext” and the “literature with purpose to help”. The lawyers said: “No that is general that is not possible.”

I replied: “Yes it is. Together with a graffic designer we created a photo of both: “Johntext” and “literature with purpose to help” .

Here is the link to the result: The European Center For Trademarks ….

Johntext Text / Bildmarke

Register-Nr.: 10266071

Klassen: 09, 16, 41

 Keep on working for the benefit of all!

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