American Microreviews and Interviews


“It is so hard to make a good work of art, I think: for me, if it is intentional it is intentional the way you try not to drown…” — Robert Pinsky, American Microreviews and Interviews.

Thanks to Kyle McCord for a bang-up job with the new issue of AMRI. In addition to my interview with Robert Pinsky, there are great reviews and interviews by Jordan Williams, Charlie Riccardelli, Clint Peters, Rebecca Ligon, Megan Turner, Courtney Craggett, Winnie Khaw, JoAnna Novak, Wesley Rothman, Michael Levan, Laurie Saurborn Young, Robert Torres, Vlad Frederick, Zach VandeZande, and Sebastián H Páramo. — with Melissa Studdard.

Melissa Studdard

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