2015: A perfect start at the beginning of the new year

Hans-Jürgen John Kölliken
A healthy, happy and successful new year 2015 to all readers and authors of Johntext!!!

My financial and professional situation was hard at the end of the last year. With a little help from my friends and relatives and even people I did not know before all turned and is absolutely positive now.

I got a new passport for Switzerland which is called: Niederlassungsbewilligung C. It is a big motivation for me. On the website of the Bureau of Immigration they write about this permission:

The following documents are necessary to get the Niederlassungsbewilligung C:

– Criminal Records Bureau check
– Informations if the person received social welfare benefit
– Informations about common garnishment or garnishment of wages

In short:

All is okay with me. Neither I got social welfare benefit nor I had problems with the law or was in debt without possibility to pay it back. I am now able to stay in any part of Switzerland and even allowed to run a business – which was not possible before. My german passport is still valid.

Many thanks to the RAV Zofingen, the employment service and great help in all issues regarding my situation. I work and alongside in my free time I write and investigate for an editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) – one of the biggest and distinguished newspapers of Switzerland.

Fate and god are on my side. I am so thankful that now after all these years of writing and struggling I have a coach who helps me to learn how to write good articles about social and political issues. Who knows perhaps I will become an acceptable writer… .

Thank you so much authors and readers for all your support. 2015 will become a wonderful year because we all turn it into a perfect time for us.

Hans-Jürgen John ist Hans John (@rafaelofirst) auf Twitter und Hans.John.16 auf Facebook. Hans bloggt auf www.johntext.de und www.tage-bau.de

Building An International Platform For Authors And Their Literature


I just downloaded the first paper about Johntext – literature with purpose to help to a international academic website, academia.edu which has over 15 million registered users.

1.) Introduction: The Authors

Hans-Jürgen John ist Hans John (@rafaelofirst) auf Twitter und Hans.John.16 auf Facebook. Hans bloggt auf www.johntext.de und www.tage-bau.de

A New Author And Two Country Manager Johntext

A new author is like a new inspiration to proceed with Johntext. We look for authors who listen to their hearts. Authors who are not after money. Authors with the ability to write and to help others with their thoughts and emotions packed in articles that show that they are human beings.

You do not have to be a famous author. You will become a good author only by the responsibility and challenge you feel while writing about the needs and problems of people living in your native country.

Laura Lamarca writes since January 2013 for Johntext UK. She will serve as country manager Johntext United Kingdom.

M. Becker joins the german section of Johntext International  as new author and country manager.

John P. Matthew is still country manager Johntext India and will build a community of authors in India.

Hans-Jürgen John
Johntext World