The Food Truck

Um die deutsche Version dieses Artikels zu lesen, wechseln Sie bitte auf Johntext Switzerland. Vielen Dank. Ömer’s Imbiss The last months I made new friends and strengthened existing friendships. One who is close to my heart is Ömer. Since I met Ömer five months passed. We are friends now. A friend in need is a … Read more

Next Book Release

The next release is in June : “Chief Minister’s Mistress”.


As I work on the edits of my next book release, my mind takes a pleasant walk down memory lane…..


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Motionpoem Film Debut

Amy King wrote: My woman’s Motionpoem film will debut Thursday night & then we will dance until the roof is on fire! The film is an interpretation of Melissa Studdard ‘s “I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast” – will you tap dance with us? Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext … Read more


i waited at the corner for a vocal argument you came but did not speak to me i questioned your intent you shrugged and did not bother to light your cigarette a movie made to order in the fog no one regrets the hollow streets so echoed like tapping stones together our silence was forgotten … Read more

“Six Weeks to Yehida” – A Novel By Melissa Studdard

Elmore Leonard advised writers not to open with the weather. However, Melissa Studdard, author of Six Weeks to Yehida goes and does just that. However, in her novel, not only does the opening work for her and her story, but it also gives the reader the feeling that here’s a talent that can do much … Read more

New Issue of Ygdrasil

The April issue of Ygdrasil, containing work by Carolyn Gregory, Allison Grayhurst, Scott Thomas Outlar, Donal Mahoney, Michael Ceraolo, Danielle Hope, Taylor Bond, John Grey and a translation by Khaloud Al-Muttalibi, is now available. Klaus J. Gerken is on Facebook. Contact him on and read latest poems.

Literature Art Music Festival Mumbai

Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Panelist, Speaker, Role Model, High Achiever, Judge and all those tags! With Anjali Kirpalani and Rouble Nagi. With Bhawana Somaaya, Meghna Pant, Anand Neelakantan and Radhakrishnan Pillai. With Anjali Kirpalani, Rouble Nagi and Smita Glk Parikh. Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: … Read more

Johntext Subscribers

Yesterday I checked the number of subscribers on Johntext. We can be very satisfied. The total amount of all subscribers on Johntext is a five-digit number!!! The first authors on Johntext – John P. Matthew from Mumbai (Johntext India) and Laura Lamarca from United Kingdom (Johntext United Kingdom) have a lot of subscribers because they … Read more

Reading in San Antonio

I’m so excited to be reading Saturday in San Antonio with Amy King, Jen Knox, Joani Reese, Nan Cuba, Gary L. Hardaway, Bill Yarrow, Jane Hammons, Rachel Jennings, JR Helton, Lynn Beighley, Steve Adams, and Cynthia Bechhold. Great people, great writers! (This is for you, Ann-Marie Madden Irwin) Melissa Studdard is on Twitter. She … Read more

The Poison Pen Reading

Happy times with my good friend and all-around great guy, Greg Oaks, after the February Poison Pen reading. Thanks to Udo Hintze for the picture! Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext. Visit her personal homepage and find out about events and her books. More information is available on Wikipedia.

Fingerprint Publishing

Fingerprint Publishing 2015 Catalogue…… Joygopal Podder is on Facebook and writes on Contact him on and read latest news about him.

Interview with Faraaz Kazi

Faraaz Kazi, the Writer Who Put Indian Romance Fiction on World Map, Talks about His New Book, Love and More “With Truly, Madly, Deeply, esteemed writer Faaraz Kazi, made a stunning début and how! Kazi went on to win the 2013 National Début Youth Fiction Award and received the YCOF National Excellence award in Creative … Read more