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The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

Title:The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

Author: Dr. H. K. Bakhru

Nature Cure

As technology improves, so do diseases. The use of technology cannot be stopped at this stage, what we could do is to keep ourselves healthy from even minuscule diseases with the help of the book “The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure: The most comprehensive family guide to health, the natural way”, by a nationally acclaimed neuropath, Dr. H.K. Bakhru. Natural ways are considered to be the best way to be healthy and fit as one could easily get the equipment (ingredients) and has no or little side effects. And the main advantage is that we can protect ourselves in advance against the diseases that could attack us.

As it says on the back cover:
“Naturopathy has made rapid progress in recent years and has gained considerable acceptance. People are gradually realising the limitations of allopathic drugs and traditional Western medicine. As a result, they are now turning to natural medicines and methods to treat their ailments”.

In this book, Dr H.K. Bakhru explains the details and benefits of various natural therapies. He explains how natural foods, natural elements, yoga and, in general, observing the laws of nature can enable patients to overcome their diseases. He also discusses the ingredients of a healthy and nutritious diet. The author affirms that “good health should be the concern of everyone, not just the medical profession”. Following this principle, he explains his treatment and the reasoning behind his theories in simple language.

This well-illustrated book will be useful to those seeking natural remedies for their ailments. It will also serve as a useful guide for those interested in living a simple and healthy life. In addition, the book will be a very useful reference for students of naturopathy and practitioners of natural healing.

The book is divided into five parts:

The first part covers natural healing and natural methods of treatment, including suggestions on how to practice natural healing, the benefits of fasting, the importance of exercise and yoga, the vital role of sleep, therapeutic baths, the role and power of the earth in healing us, the significant value of therapeutic massage and how colours help in healing.

The second part deals with maintaining health through diet. This section talks about various nutritious foods that help healing to a tremendous extent and prove to be very helpful. It shows the crucial involvement of alkalising diet, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibre, raw fruits, wheat grass, sprouts, lecithin and many more.

The third section deals with diseases and their natural cures. With more than a hundred diseases, this section tells us how to get rid of these diseases. It includes from the very basic problems like hair loss, cold, cough, headache to the special diseases I’m not familiar with like anorexia nervosa, dermatitis, impetigo and many more.

The fourth part is especially for women. It covers women related problems and how to cure them in the best possible way. This section is a must read for all women as it covers the basic diseases that many of you are more familiar with.

The last and fifth part concludes with some requirement charts and tables giving information about valuable resources, recommended amount for adults and children, deficiency symptoms and side effects and over dosage. You would get the charts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, calories and height/weight chart.

A very simple language is used so that anyone could easily go through it. From the index to the description of a particular disease, everything is so well maintained and presented in a friendly manner. The reader could get the required knowledge about the disease in this book in an approachable manner. By adopting the tactics scripted in this book, one could build a new relationship with nature, that too a healthy relationship that serves you heart fully, bringing a new you, a better you and a healthy you.
If you are health conscious (or those who are not should be) or a student of naturopathy, a must read book, it would help you to a great extent. Even I would recommend this book to everyone out there because a healthy you is the key to a healthy life. Before the diseases reach you, reach this book!


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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