chapbooks and manuscripts

A pleasant surprise. Searching for something else (isn’t that always the case?) I found these manuscripts and chapbooks of mine: The Waterfalls of the Broken Sky 1966 (Poem on a page torn out of a notebook) The Jupiter Connection 1966 (My first Novel — long thought lost — wrote it as a school assignment when … Read more

New Issue of Ygdrasil

The April issue of Ygdrasil, containing work by Carolyn Gregory, Allison Grayhurst, Scott Thomas Outlar, Donal Mahoney, Michael Ceraolo, Danielle Hope, Taylor Bond, John Grey and a translation by Khaloud Al-Muttalibi, is now available. Klaus J. Gerken is on Facebook. Contact him on and read latest poems.

reverse psychology

in the springtime of the season when the scent of lilac reasons with the rising sun of amber and passion raises clamour love grows in the meadows and lovers hide in shadows where sunlight does not gather and lovers know no failure the spring is like a sailor somewhat drunk to know her yet strong … Read more

christmas and the needle

away in a manger in an alley below a girl’s giving birth in the ice and the snow her hair is disheveled she has no warm clothes needle marks bleeding as the morning star rose merry christmas merry christmas life is so good the scent of warm garbage is inviting as food she screams and … Read more

The Last Old Man (1997) by Klaus J. Gerken

      THE LAST OLD MAN by Klaus J. Gerken (1997) THE APPOINTMENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hot day. Brilliant sun. It was difficult to wear the hooded robe. It was a hated artifact; but it would have attracted too much attention not to wear it.  After all ever since the treatment was proscribed by law, it … Read more