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Spiritual Veda in the March Newsletter GGA

Spiritual Veda contributed a wonderful text to the March Newsletter of Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA):

Dear Richard,

Thank you for sharing the kindness, until human learn to drop I, Me or Mine, and wear Our, Us or We, the world will always face challenges to sustain humanity.

Like rose, which even being surrounded by thorns doesn’t forget to share its beauty and fragrance to the world around, more the thorns more beauty he resonates, similarly we human, no matter how cruel the world turns, but there are always roses, sharing their love and care, change is happening, and happening for good, its a transition phase, where gradual change is happening, humans are becoming aware of humanity, sooner or later, everyone realizes.

Angel in Blue - Spiritual Veda

The wrong doesn’t go far, while right always flourish, rewind the life and witness the history, every wrong has been lost in time, while goodness always prevails.

Our purpose is to seed the plant of love and care, whether we exist or not, that plant will share its fruits and shade to millions.

Please allow me to share a small story with you, an ancient Sufi story:

The King of Bhagdad used to go around the city on his beautiful horse, just to see how things were going — of course in disguise, not as the king — so that he could see reality as it is. If he went to as king, then he could not see everything that was beautiful and he would not be shown the real face — he would have to see only the mask.

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