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Review of 100 stories that you will never forget

Title: 100 stories you will never forget

Author: J.P. Vaswani

100 stories you will never forget

Rare are the books that touch your heart as well as your soul. “100 Stories You Will Never Forget” by J.P. Vaswani, as the title itself says, all the hundred stories hold the power to never let the readers forget them, if by chance they forget the story, but the lesson it teaches must remain with the readers forever. This book is a collection of one hundred inspiring stories that will make you think and force you to take the dose of life it gives.

As it says on the back cover:
“Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani has always been a storyteller par excellence. His informal talks as well as his books have always been liberally interspersed with thought-provoking stories, interesting anecdotes and tales from our myths and scriptures, judiciously chosen to drive home the point he wants us to absorb. These stories are so memorable that they linger long in our hearts, allowing us to internalise the message or value that he has so creatively imparted to us!

In this book we bring together 100 stories selected from his recent talks and books, neatly packaged with Rev. Dada’s thoughts for your reflection and his trademark practical exercises in the form of tips for you to follow!
Happy reading – and happy reflection!

When I started reading this book, I didn’t think it would work so well for me as my experience with short stories is not so good and I am not so familiar with the writing of the author J P Vaswani. A 204-page book consisting of a hundred short stories, which in itself makes me doubt the content of the book, as how well would the stories be able to communicate when they are only two pages long? All these questions and doubts came to a halt when I discovered the beauty of each and every story penned in this book.

Each story, though very short in length, has a great message to tell the reader, has a lesson to learn. Humorous stories are interwoven in this book and mixed with intelligent lessons to filter the mind of the reader. Some of the stories you may have heard before, but when the full dosage of one hundred stories is served together, it plays a new role altogether. The stories are simple in nature, but the message they convey is magical.

The writing style is effective and friendly in nature and the language used is moderate in nature. Both the narration and the presentation of the story are up to the mark. Along with meaningful and inspiring stories, you would have a thought of some great thinkers below the story, and below it a practical tip is given on how to incorporate the learning and lessons it teaches and to make the message clearer and brighter.

No mistakes at all, or you could say I was not in a position to count them. It had such a profound effect on me. A book that could lead your mind to peace.

A must read and highly RECOMMENDED to everyone out there!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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