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Interview of Simson Biswal (Founder of Dream House Publication)



1. How is your publishing house different from others?

• We believe in 3 core values Honesty, Quality and
• We operate with an unique blend of Traditional
and Self-Publishing mode
• For self-publishing your books you need to pay
50 % of the cost for first edition only and it’s a
onetime payment, DHP will publish further editions
at its own expense
• DHP provide the best distribution network. Not
only online platform we provide our authors the
best offline platform covering more than 200 stores
across Indian and expanding our reach
• Our books are priced as lowest as 125 INR and
we have made it a point that the book price for a
standard novel will not go beyond 160 INR. All our
books are priced at a standard price of 140 INR
• The books we produces are of highest quality and
we use 80 GSM paper for printing and 300 GSM
paper for book covers
• At Dream House all our operations are
transparent and author-publisher interactions are
at a peak.
• DHP give its authors selected for self-publishing a
20% royalty and 10% royalty for traditional
publishing mode

2. What made you to open a publication house?

At my initial stages when I wanted to publish my first novel I ran from publisher’s to publishers and get rejected without any clear clarifications. When I got a publisher, I struggled to arrange the money for self-publishing my book. It’s not the end, after paying a huge amount to publish my books, my publisher cheated us and there is no offline platform available for me to boost the book sale and eventually I became the fool. The pain that I have taken to arrange the huge fees for self- publishing, the mistake that I have done made me to open my own publication house to help the budding authors of India.

3. What is this venture of yours meant to you?

I have sacrificed a lot for this venture which was my dream. It’s the platform that I can use to help myself as well as other authors and I will surely do my best to achieve my dreams. One of my dream, i.e. Dream House Publications, India is already a
reality and I am sure my other dreams will also became reality one day.

4. What are the four top most things you take care of while publishing a book?

There are a lot of factors to be taken care while publishing a book. If you talk about the top 4 priorities, in my opinion they are,
a. A good Script
b. Proper Editing
c. Paper and Print Quality
d. Openness of Publisher toward Author

5. Why this name ‘Dream House’?

As I have said it was one of my dream after I get cheated by the industry. The second thing is that for every author it’s a dream to publish their first book and through my venture we are going to make their dream story alive. As it’s a place for dreamers, the name is “Dream House”.

6. What is the motto of your publication house?

I have not thought of a motto till now, but as you have asked for a motto here is it. Our main aim is to help the budding authors or so called dreamers. So our motto can be taken as “Your Dream Our

7. Can you tell us something about the upcoming books?

Currently we have 4 books in the market and 4 new titles are in the schedule. I can’t revel the details about all the stories we have at this point of time as it will be too early for the same. You can have the information that 2 of the stories will be based on Fantasy one two on Romance. All the stories have different flavours and are tareted at different age groups. We are soon going to publish books on different genres and we can know the details in subsequent days.

Thanks for the wonderful answers and giving your time. Wishing you a bright future.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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