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Hello from Canada! My name is John Duncan Hood!

Hello from Canada! My name is John Duncan Hood.

Great to meet you here!

John Duncan Hood - Global Goodwill Ambassador Canada - promoting humanitarianism through his art and his life

Why should I tell my story?

To all those who know what goes on in life: run after your goals!
To all those who are searching for their way: maybe my way will give you some inspiration!

When I was 6 years old, my father asked me,
‘what did you want to do when you got older?’
I said: ‘I want to grow things to feed people’.

Now here I am past 60 times around the
Sun, fostering 5 children under 10 and having been doing
this for 17 years, had 20 plus children slip through the
cracks of society, come through my front door.

Beside my fostering, in have been running a Gardening
Service off and on for 23 years. Owned my own company twice,
built parks, owned an organic 5-acre market garden, a
blueberry farm and built native plant filtration ponds.
In addition, I’ve written an Education Program for
Elementary School Children about life in a Fruit Orchard,
the pollinators who live there and the important role they play.

My passion is drawing, as I’ve been doing it since I was 6
years old and I’ve developed my own style over the years.
I am a realistic / sometimes surreal artist and as an artist,
we are always looking to draw something everyone will recognize.

Art work by artist and humanitarian John Duncan Hood - Canada

Some people draw flowers, others landscapes,
some abstracts others still living.
Me I decided to draw some realistic pieces
only to find out the hard way about copyrights.
So who does one draw that does not have a copyright on them.
I pondered who to draw for a long time and then it
came to me in a series of dreams.

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