i waited at the corner for a vocal argument you came but did not speak to me i questioned your intent you shrugged and did not bother to light your cigarette a movie made to order in the fog no one regrets the hollow streets so echoed like tapping stones together our silence was forgotten … Read more

Reflections On The Other – Being Black In Germany

This Book Will Be Available The First Of May On Amazon. This book is an account of my everyday life as an expatriate in German culture while I interacted with scholars, diplomats, students, friends, and lovers. Although the work reflects my personal experience, it is designed and rooted in my knowledge and experience of African … Read more

Website Johntext Russia reserved!

Well. You know it is difficult. You start reading about authors from Russia. First articles and summaries about them. Then you have to read some of their books at least. Then you have to contact them. You get a “Yes” or you get a “No” and life goes on. You contact the next author. This … Read more

News From Johntext Russia!

Hello again! I added a link to  a photo blog website from Russia. It is called “Heart of Moscow” . It is an interesting website with pictures, photos and drawings about the capital of Russia and its inhabitants. Thanks a lot to the author “inamazing”  from http://innamazing.wordpress.com who gave the hint. She runs the website From Russia … Read more