Reflections On The Other – Being Black In Germany


This Book Will Be Available The First Of May On Amazon.

This book is an account of my everyday life as an expatriate in German culture while I interacted with scholars, diplomats, students, friends, and lovers. Although the work reflects my personal experience, it is designed and rooted in my knowledge and experience of African American literature, culture, and history. ( read more on )

Professor Ethel Morgan Smith

Johntext Trademark

I take a coke and a pommes in a pub and go through the external storage of my notebook. Just noticed the trademark document of . It is a trademark in 27 european countries.

There is the possibiltiy to have a text trademark or a picture trademark. Johntext is both. Why?

Well I wanted to protect the name “Johntext” and the “literature with purpose to help”. The lawyers said: “No that is general that is not possible.”

I replied: “Yes it is. Together with a graffic designer we created a photo of both: “Johntext” and “literature with purpose to help” .

Here is the link to the result: The European Center For Trademarks ….

Johntext Text / Bildmarke

Register-Nr.: 10266071

Klassen: 09, 16, 41

 Keep on working for the benefit of all!

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Website Johntext Russia reserved!

Well. You know it is difficult. You start reading about authors from Russia. First articles and summaries about them. Then you have to read some of their books at least. Then you have to contact them. You get a “Yes” or you get a “No” and life goes on. You contact the next author.

This time it is different. I have never been to Russia. Sure one day I will make a journey to Russia with books of Tolstoi and Dostojewski in my suitcase.

I am quite sure I decided to choose a very good author for Johntext Russia. She writes on the website “From Russia With Love” in English.

I do not know her name. Hopefully she will agree to join the Johntext Team. If not there will be no voice of Russia in Johntext!

© 2013 Hans-Jürgen John

Hans ist Hans John (@rafaelofirst) auf Twitter und Hans.John.16 auf Facebook. Hans bloggt auf und .

News From Johntext Russia!

Hello again!

I added a link to  a photo blog website from Russia. It is called “Heart of Moscow” . It is an interesting website with pictures, photos and drawings about the capital of Russia and its inhabitants.

Thanks a lot to the author “inamazing”  from who gave the hint. She runs the website From Russia with love which is outstanding as concerns content and design!

Have a nice day!

Hans-Jürgen John

Best of … by Hans-Jürgen John


Hello World !!!

Here we will collect the best articles from all countries and publish them in English !

Please try to make them understandable. Short texts are in the focus. Make your words help human beings through your sentences. I trust so much in you.

Alone I am just a leave from a tree in a storm. Together with you we are the storm that wipes away all hinderances, helping those who suffer and still have hope to overcome a hard environment!

Have good and powerful thoughts and feelings!

Hans-Jürgen John



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