Three Bestseller by Joygopal Podder

Happy to share that Fingerprint Publishing / ‘Prakash Books’ are also rolling out into shops my earlier titles “Millennium City” and “Superstar” along with my new novel “Chief Minister’s Mistress”. In a few days, book purchasers will get to see all these three crime fiction novels of mine displayed on the shelves of several bookstores.

Worldwide shipping! Happy reading! Just chose your favorite currency.

Chief Minister’s Mistress:


Millennium City:

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i waited at the corner
for a vocal argument
you came but did not speak to me
i questioned your intent

you shrugged and did not bother
to light your cigarette
a movie made to order
in the fog no one regrets

the hollow streets so echoed
like tapping stones together
our silence was forgotten
as we melted on the bed

the morning came securely
you left i left what’s left?

kjg 17 apr 2015

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chapbooks and manuscripts

A pleasant surprise. Searching for something else (isn’t that always the case?) I found these manuscripts and chapbooks of mine:

The Waterfalls of the Broken Sky 1966 (Poem on a page torn out of a notebook)
The Jupiter Connection 1966 (My first Novel — long thought lost — wrote it as a school assignment when they wanted me to write a short story over the weekend. I got D- for that. Teacher said the novel was great but the D- was for not writing a short story)
Poem Speaking to Kenneth Koch 1971 (Chapbook)
Torture and Affliction 1971 (Chapbook)
Ich Bin Deutsch 1972 (Poem published in Germany somewhere)
Whiskey Poem 1972 (Chapbook)
Ygdrasail Vol 1. No 1. Spring 1973 (First print issue 50 copies — only the typed mss left)
The Last Party 1974 (Short Story)
This Novel… 1974 (Short Story)
Four Sixty Second Plays 1975 (Chapbook)
The Last Joy by Emmy Hemmings 1931 (Translation 1981)

Klaus J. Gerken is on Facebook. Contact him on and read latest poems in Ygdrasil – a Journal of the poetic Arts.

Interview with Jane Hirshfield


“Poems give us permission to be unsure, in ways we must be if we are ever to learn anything not already known. If you look with open eyes at your actual life, it’s always going to be the kind of long division problem that doesn’t work out perfectly evenly. Poems let you accept the multiplicity and complexity of the actual, they let us navigate the unnavigable, insoluble parts of our individual fates and shared existence.”

See the link below for more of my conversation with Jane Hirshfield at American Microreviews and Interviews.

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