Three Bestseller by Joygopal Podder

Happy to share that Fingerprint Publishing / ‘Prakash Books’ are also rolling out into shops my earlier titles “Millennium City” and “Superstar” along with my new novel “Chief Minister’s Mistress”. In a few days, book purchasers will get to see all these three crime fiction novels of mine displayed on the shelves of several bookstores.

Worldwide shipping! Happy reading! Just chose your favorite currency.

Chief Minister’s Mistress:


Millennium City:

Cover of Chief Minister's Mistress by Joygopal Podder
Covers of Superstar and Millennium City

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Showjumping In Neuendorf

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Willi Melliger presented the Concours Neuendorf 2015 this weekend. Every year some of the best showjumpers and their horses join the competitions in Neuendorf / Switzerland.

Kai Melliger ; Martin Fuchs ; Kevin Melliger
Kai Melliger, Martin Fuchs and Kevin Melliger were part of the competition today in Neuendorf

Willi Melliger looks back at a very successful career as show jumper. Here you can have a look at some of the facts concerning his life’s work:  Stable Melliger.

Since decades Willi Melliger buys, trains and sells horses. His clients come from all over the world and some of them are in the world ranking list of the best show jumpers.

The highest price ever offered for a horse he trained was 5.500.000 CHF.

On the official website Stable Melliger you can see the horses which are available.


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Cutthroat – A Journal of the Arts

Cutthroat's 10th Anniversary Edition

Cutthroat’s 10th Anniversary Edition is one of the most wondrous and beautiful things that came home from Minnesota with me last week. It’s a special tribute issue to Joy Harjo and Linda Hogan and contains a terrific review by Doug Anderson of ‘I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast.’ Many, many thanks to Doug, to Pam Uschuk and William Pitt Root, and to all the other editors and contributors who made this issue happen.

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Photo of Klaus J. Gerken
i waited at the corner
for a vocal argument
you came but did not speak to me
i questioned your intent

you shrugged and did not bother
to light your cigarette
a movie made to order
in the fog no one regrets

the hollow streets so echoed
like tapping stones together
our silence was forgotten
as we melted on the bed

the morning came securely
you left i left what’s left?

kjg 17 apr 2015

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chapbooks and manuscripts

Photo of Klaus J. Gerken

A pleasant surprise. Searching for something else (isn’t that always the case?) I found these manuscripts and chapbooks of mine:

The Waterfalls of the Broken Sky 1966 (Poem on a page torn out of a notebook)
The Jupiter Connection 1966 (My first Novel — long thought lost — wrote it as a school assignment when they wanted me to write a short story over the weekend. I got D- for that. Teacher said the novel was great but the D- was for not writing a short story)
Poem Speaking to Kenneth Koch 1971 (Chapbook)
Torture and Affliction 1971 (Chapbook)
Ich Bin Deutsch 1972 (Poem published in Germany somewhere)
Whiskey Poem 1972 (Chapbook)
Ygdrasail Vol 1. No 1. Spring 1973 (First print issue 50 copies — only the typed mss left)
The Last Party 1974 (Short Story)
This Novel… 1974 (Short Story)
Four Sixty Second Plays 1975 (Chapbook)
The Last Joy by Emmy Hemmings 1931 (Translation 1981)

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Country Music Award 2015

Remember Lisa-Marie Fischer?

Lisa-MarieFischer live

The singer who is known for her music videos “On my own”, “Done is Done”, “You’ve got a way with that”… got the German Country Award !


Special Thanks to all Johntext Authors who agreed and helped to support her on their websites:

Melissa Studdard​, Ethel Morgan Smith,​ Faraaz Kazi,​ John P. Matthew, Joygopal Podder,​ Shweta Kesari​, Laura Lamarca, Marta Maciejewska …

More about Johntext Authors on

This is the spirit of Johntext – Literature with purpose to help. To support a hard struggling wonderful singer even if there is no money to gain!

By end of March 2015 we listened to Lisa-Marie Fischer on almost all Johntext Websites:

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I am sure Lisa-Marie Fischer is at the beginning of a great career!


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Interview with Jane Hirshfield


Jane Hirshfield

“Poems give us permission to be unsure, in ways we must be if we are ever to learn anything not already known. If you look with open eyes at your actual life, it’s always going to be the kind of long division problem that doesn’t work out perfectly evenly. Poems let you accept the multiplicity and complexity of the actual, they let us navigate the unnavigable, insoluble parts of our individual fates and shared existence.”

See the link below for more of my conversation with Jane Hirshfield at American Microreviews and Interviews.

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Spork Press!


So happy to have three new poems published at Spork Press!

And for the literary obsolescence of forks and spoons…

And to appear alongside Amy King & David Tomas Martinez

Thanks, Richard Siken!

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The Food Truck

Um die deutsche Version dieses Artikels zu lesen, wechseln Sie bitte auf Johntext Switzerland. Vielen Dank.

Ömer’s Imbiss

The last months I made new friends and strengthened existing friendships. One who is close to my heart is Ömer. Since I met Ömer five months passed. We are friends now. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Whenever I have time I visit him.

Since decades his food truck is located in Aarau / Switzerland – diagonally opposite the public library in a street called “Graben”. Ömer has a heart of gold. He never trashes someone. We speak about all the world and his brother.

Sandmeier in Kölliken

The fried sausages he sells taste perfectly. He is modest. To receive a great deal of praise is not his business. “I always got very good meat and sausages from my supplier, the butchery Sandmeier in Kölliken.”

To find out his age is hardly possible. I have a guess: around 50 or 60 years. He smiles and shakes his head. “I am 80 years old. Being busy, keeps you young!”

Ömer's Imbiss Aarau

A couple of steps away is a board which is embedded in the ground. It says that Ömer and his family gave two trees as a donation to the city of Aarau

Ömer's Imbiss Baumspende

Ömer is a local celebrity. Different newspapers reported on several occasions about him. Even the website of Swiss Radio and Television cannot ignore him. Both in pleasant images and recognising texts he is perpetuated in the media.
His statements and the articles about him – more of them are posted in his food truck – show me that I am right in my judgement. There seems to be more “Swissness” in him than in many other inhabitants who were born in Switzerland. Well, obviously there exist human beings who behave good to you as long as they have personal profit from it and others seem to be born with humanity.

Here a few links to articles he is mentioned in.

Schweizer Fernsehen: Auf den Spuren des «Bestatters» in Aarau

Aargauer Zeitung: Zu diesen Schweizern sagte damals niemand Nein

Oltner Tagblatt: Ömer schenkt «seiner» Stadt Aarau zwei Platanen

But how did I met Ömer?

Well, at the beginning of this year my personal situation was really worse. While ponderung on how to make money those who are checking the waste baskets on train stations came to my mind.

Obviously they were looking for aluminium cans. To make money with valuable scrap? Why not? I checked the worth of aluminium in the world wide web. One kilo was good enough for 1.70 CHF. How many cans were necessary to have one kilo? Well there are small ones and bigger ones. The 0.5 litre cans had about 16 grams. To have one kilo I needed about 60 cans. Well, but I had to consider that most of the cans I found near the highways and the stations were small ones. And where to sell them? No, there had to be another way to gain money.

Second try with books

I took my travelling bag with me and went to Safenwil on foot. I rang at the doors and all the persons I met were really kind. I asked for books they no longer needed and shortly after I started 13 books were in my travelling bag.

It was afternoon and a strong wind played with the powder snow. I walked to Aarau. Near the shop called “Interdiscount” I occupied a square metre on the sidewalk. I placed the sheet of paper I had prepared at home in front of me on the ground. It said in big letters: 1 BOOK 1 CHF.

Soon it became dark. Busses stopped and left, people got off them and walked by me and my books without noticing. A young woman asked some questions about my situation. She mentioned her name. I forgot it. Perhaps I could remember it if she would have bought one of the books.

Shortly after her a older person came from the right hand side. He pointed to the food truck there and asked me if I would like to eat something. I denied. Later I found out that his name was Ömer. But I decided to go and meet him and buy some of his food as soon as I had made some money. This day I sold not one book. Sad I took the bag with the 13 books and went back to Kölliken.

What I found out this evening: There are people who help you. Nobody buys a book for 1 CHF.

My dear readers. I hope that the day you are in trouble you meet a person like Ömer.

Kind Regards

Hans-Jürgen John

Motionpoem Film Debut

Amy King wrote:

My woman’s Motionpoem film will debut Thursday night & then we will dance until the roof is on fire! The film is an interpretation of Melissa Studdard ‘s “I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast” – will you tap dance with us?


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News From Johntext India

Unglaublich was sich am 05. Februar in Indien abspielte. Johntext Autor Faraaz Kazi war mit seinem Buch The Other Side auf Twitter Trend Nummer Eins – Indienweit!


Seit einigen Tagen ist Johntext Autor Joygopal Podder erstmals mit seinem imposanten Werk – 15 Krimis und Thriller in knapp drei Jahren – mit einem Artikel auf Wikipedia vertreten.


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Two New Authors From India

Shweta Kesari lives in Indore / Madhya Pradesh.  Shweta Kesari is a 2nd year engineering student.


She will write for Johntext – literature with purpose to help – on

* * * * *

Joygopal Podder lives in New Delhi. Joygopal Podder is a published author of 14 books.


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The purpose of Johntext

Yesterday I surfed in the www. Somewhere I read about this planet:

7 continents, 204 countries, 804 islandsI, 7 seas, 7 billions human beings and I am still single… “.

Loneliness is one of the big problems for many people!

204 countries. That says to me: There will be altogether much more than 204 authors in future writing in about literature with purpose to help! There are news agencies that have less journalists! Lets make this world a little better!

Hans-Jürgen John