Klaus J. GerkenI try to emulate my cats:
when I’m nice to them
they show me affection;
if I weren’t
they would show me claws;
I’m always nice to them,
and they always show me affection.
Simplicity is the way to peace.

kjg 630am 18 mar 2015

Johntext Subscribers


Yesterday I checked the number of subscribers on Johntext. We can be very satisfied. The total amount of all subscribers on Johntext is a five-digit number!!!

The first authors on Johntext – John P. Matthew from Mumbai (Johntext India) and Laura Lamarca from United Kingdom (Johntext United Kingdom) have a lot of subscribers because they had the most time and because they set value on good articles.

But numbers are not everything. What I want and wish most for 2015 and the coming years is that the real background of Johntext – to create literature with purpose to help – will lead to texts or books which help others…

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Klaus J. Gerken

the cat’s in the bushes
the dog’s in a howl
the fox glides through the shadows
all on a prowl

it’s safe to say nothing
escapes a routine
in the drama that follows
no one is mean

the quest for survival
is a deep rooted fear
that humans exploited
through a terrible tear

no creature will slaughter
for a truth they believe
like man is a given
from godly reprieve

cain killed his brother
god wanted blood
humans have always
stuck to that path

kjg 934pm 13 feb 2015

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reverse psychology

Klaus J. Gerken

in the springtime of the season
when the scent of lilac reasons
with the rising sun of amber
and passion raises clamour
love grows in the meadows
and lovers hide in shadows
where sunlight does not gather
and lovers know no failure
the spring is like a sailor
somewhat drunk to know her
yet strong enough to offer
the apple to the woman
she does not eat…the omen
wakes her intuition.

kjg 544am 23 dec 2014


Klaus J. Gerken

(The Alpha Poems)

by Klaus J. Gerken (2003)


A brilliant man once said:
“Alphabet soup is just a piece of cake.”
Now no one knew what it meant, of course,
but it made Groucho Marx cry,
and somehow Mario Lanza was never the same
after they lauded Caruso the greater tenor.
After all, he didn’t slug it out in Night at the Opera
but did die of pleurisy in excruciating pain
needing one more dose of Carnegie Hall,
and all those who shook their jewelry
and brushed the lint from their tuxedos
in a mass of solidarity never knowing
what was sung of what it’s all about.
Of course the unions knew…and those who laughed
riotously at Groucho and gang knew all along
but no one dared to say it for it was too silly,
pretty, and downright irreligious:
“Alphabet soup is just a piece of cake.”
And wouldn’t you know it, of all the letters
there never was an A.

28 July 2003


Klaus J. Gerken

Once was enough
I never did it again
If only I could remember
What it was I did
To not do again!

KJG 8 Dec 2012