Interview with Jaya Kamlani

Photo of author and activist Jaya Kamlani receiving the NRI Institute’s Bharat Samman (Pride of India) award from former Army Chief, General V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs and Manu Jagmohan Singh, Secretary General of NRI Institute on January 12 at the Leela Palace, Delhi.

Interviewer: Hans-Jürgen John Interviewee: Jaya Kamlani Date: April 19, 2016 Photos placed at disposal by Jaya Kamlani Interview with Jaya Kamlani, author and activist. Interview with Jaya Kamlani about Donald Trump, her book «To India, with Tough Love» and the situation for children and women in India. Jaya Kamlani receives the NRI Institute’s Bharat Samman … Read more

Interview with Douglas Linares Flinto

Interview with Douglas Linares Flinto in his office at Brazilian Business Ethics Institute

Interview with Douglas Linares Flinto about Ethics, Whistleblowers and his Brazilian Business Ethics Institute. On March 17th of 2016, Andrea Greco and Giuseppe Oddo launched the book «The Parallel State: The first investigation on Eni». Andrea Greco is an economics journalist for the Italian journal La Repubblica (The Republic). Part of the book is the … Read more

Johntext Subscribers

Yesterday I checked the number of subscribers on Johntext. We can be very satisfied. The total amount of all subscribers on Johntext is a five-digit number!!! The first authors on Johntext – John P. Matthew from Mumbai (Johntext India) and Laura Lamarca from United Kingdom (Johntext United Kingdom) have a lot of subscribers because they … Read more

Delhi World Book Fair 2015

Friends: My books will be available at four or five publisher stalls at the Delhi World Book Fair starting this Saturday. This is one of the stalls…… Joygopal Podder is on Facebook and writes on Contact him on

2015: A perfect start at the beginning of the new year

A healthy, happy and successful new year 2015 to all readers and authors of Johntext!!! My financial and professional situation was hard at the end of the last year. With a little help from my friends and relatives and even people I did not know before all turned and is absolutely positive now. I got … Read more

Johntext News

Well, Johntext is developing. That is a fact. Behind the curtains there are informations I do not want to hide. Why? We have no secrets. We live in a open society. So here is something for smiling: Yesterday evening i received following emails from my Johntext Administrator: A host,, has been locked out of … Read more