Johntext Guest Authors This new platform on Johntext starts with authors from Mongolia, India, Africa … Sendoo Hadaa is a multi-award winning poet and professor from Mongolia … Gaurav Sharma from India is popular for his books Rapescars and Love @ Air Force … Mr. Ben is the penname of Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict from Lagos, Nigeria. He … Read more

Literature Art Music Festival Mumbai

Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Panelist, Speaker, Role Model, High Achiever, Judge and all those tags! With Anjali Kirpalani and Rouble Nagi. With Bhawana Somaaya, Meghna Pant, Anand Neelakantan and Radhakrishnan Pillai. With Anjali Kirpalani, Rouble Nagi and Smita Glk Parikh. Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: … Read more

The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

Title:The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure Author: Dr. H. K. Bakhru As technology improves, so do diseases. The use of technology cannot be stopped at this stage, what we could do is to keep ourselves healthy from even minuscule diseases with the help of the book “The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure: The most comprehensive … Read more

Joygopal Podder

Delhi World Book Fair – 2015 (Feb 14-22) : My books available at Vitasta Publishing (Hall 6, Stall 111 – 112) and Omji Publishing (Hall 6, Stall 32)……. Joygopal Podder is on Facebook and writes on Contact him on and read latest news about him and his books on … Read more

Delhi World Book Fair 2015

Friends: My books will be available at four or five publisher stalls at the Delhi World Book Fair starting this Saturday. This is one of the stalls…… Joygopal Podder is on Facebook and writes on Contact him on

Review of The Princess in Black

Title : The Princess in Black! Author : Upendra Dharmadhikari and Changali Anand History itself has beautiful and energetic stories in store. What if history comes to shake hands with the stories of today?”The Princess in Black: An unheard story of Mughals”, co-authored by Upendra Dharmadhikari (a history lover) and Changali Anand (a cinema lover), … Read more

Review of And…They Fell in Love!

Title : And…They Fell in Love! Author : Vikas Singal No one knows when the spice of love will get sprinkled over their heart.Sometimes it chose the track where the probability seems lesser.Vikas Singal’s book ‘And they fell in Love’, comprised of three short stories ,different from each other, precise and vibrating, higlighting the same … Read more

Review of Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love

Title : Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love Author : Sabi Shaikh Caste difference has always been a major hinderance throttling many love stories.Sabi Shaik’s debut book “Via Delhi : Twisted tale of love”, showcases one such love-story where the protagonist fights to get their dying love-story a life. As the back cover … Read more

Review of How to Get Government Jobs

Title: How to Get Government Jobs : A must -read for career information and guidance Author : K.P Shashidharan (Former Director General, CAG of India) Government Jobs are considered to be the most safest job in today’s era.People seeks for Government Job who are from different fields and having different kinds of degree, but they … Read more

A New Author, The First Author From Germany

I am proud and happy to announce that a new author from Germany joins Johntext – literature with purpose to help. On Johntext Baden-Württemberg you can already find some photos, books, reviews and links to his biography on Wikipedia, his publishing houses and special events. Manfred Eichhorn published his crime story number four: “In der … Read more

Best Horror Novels . Com

Popular Supernatural Horror Books The Other Side sits comfortably at number 8 sandwiched between Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. ‪ Faraaz Kazi is on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Johntext. You can write him here: or on the “contact” – part of his website

Joygopal Podder: 3 Mixed Up Men

3 MIXED UP MEN” is a lighthearted look at how men bond and how men think, their take on love, and how they behave and misbehave. Raghu, Govind and Dinesh are close friends. The three have been thick buddies from their college days. Raghu and Govind have been best friends since school, their friendship going … Read more

Review: Blackmailed By The Boss

Title : Blackmailed by the Boss Author: Raye Morgan This is a short and crisp romantic tale of Chynna and Trent who accidently fall in love with each other.This is the story of unconditional love and it also whispers how the flower of love could blossom in no time.It’s just a magic which could happen … Read more

Before Order: A Poet’s Tale

The following article was posted on SHE WRITES “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” —A. A. Milne I wrote my novel by the seat of my pants. I created characters I was in love with, and I let them tell … Read more

Review of ‘Four corners of the circle’ by Mohit Jain and Amita Sood

Author : Mohit Jain Before expressing my views about this book, I would like to share a line with you people that I found in the book -‘ We are so lost in the race of being rich and successful that we have actually forgotten the real essence of education.’ ‘Four corners of the circle’ … Read more