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A New Author, The First Author From Germany


I am proud and happy to announce that a new author from Germany joins Johntext – literature with purpose to help. On Johntext Baden-Württemberg you can already find some photos, books, reviews and links to his biography on Wikipedia, his publishing houses and special events.

Manfred Eichhorn published his crime story number four: “In der Asche schläft die Glut” with the start of this month.
Like the three other crime stories he wrote before it was published by the Silberburg publishing house, Tübingen. His books are available in bookstores as well as on or directly from his bookstore in Ulm, Pfauengasse.

Who is the author of more than 40 books, several play scipts which were performed and a lot of contributions to anthologies and school books?

Manfred Eichhorn was born in 1951 in Ulm. When he was not older than 16 years old he wrote his first book, which was not published. The following years he learned the bookstore buisiness. Together with his wife he opened his own bookstore in 1973 in Ulm. For more than 40 years he sold books there. Soon he made the big step from selling books to writing them. At the beginning of the septuagenarian initially books of poetry were published, a novel, children’s books and other stories followed.

Manfred Eichhorn live, books, events and contact Book Store Eichhornin Ulm. More about the author on Wikipedia, the websites of his publishing houses Silberburg Verlag, and Wartberg Verlag.

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