Klaus J. GerkenI try to emulate my cats:
when I’m nice to them
they show me affection;
if I weren’t
they would show me claws;
I’m always nice to them,
and they always show me affection.
Simplicity is the way to peace.

kjg 630am 18 mar 2015

Literature Art Music Festival Mumbai

Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Panelist, Speaker, Role Model, High Achiever, Judge and all those tags!

Mumbai1With Anjali Kirpalani and Rouble Nagi.
Mumbai2With Bhawana Somaaya, Meghna Pant, Anand Neelakantan and Radhakrishnan Pillai.
Mumbai3With Anjali Kirpalani, Rouble Nagi and Smita Glk Parikh.

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Johntext Subscribers


Yesterday I checked the number of subscribers on Johntext. We can be very satisfied. The total amount of all subscribers on Johntext is a five-digit number!!!

The first authors on Johntext – John P. Matthew from Mumbai (Johntext India) and Laura Lamarca from United Kingdom (Johntext United Kingdom) have a lot of subscribers because they had the most time and because they set value on good articles.

But numbers are not everything. What I want and wish most for 2015 and the coming years is that the real background of Johntext – to create literature with purpose to help – will lead to texts or books which help others…

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Reading in San Antonio

I’m so excited to be reading Saturday in San Antonio with Amy King, Jen Knox, Joani Reese, Nan Cuba, Gary L. Hardaway, Bill Yarrow, Jane Hammons, Rachel Jennings, JR Helton, Lynn Beighley, Steve Adams, and Cynthia Bechhold. Great people, great writers! (This is for you, Ann-Marie Madden Irwin)

Melissa Studdard_edited

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Fingerprint Publishing

Fingerprint Publishing 2015 Catalogue……

Fingerprint Publishing

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